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    edit: forgot to say, she wears gloves ( like mayu ) instead of armwarmers like most utauloids u o u i should've drawn her hands /shot
    also, the things on her head are roses. i just draw them like that because it's my style. u o u

    omg this drawing took so long
    so this is my new utauloid, asphodel.
    her name is the name of a flower, but in greek mythology, there's a place in the underworld called the 'asphodel meadow' where ordinary souls reside after death. which actually fits her quite well, heheh.

    age: ?? ( i'm thinking anywhere from 16/17-19. what about you guys? )
    gender: female
    height: 5'02"
    weight: ?? ( i'm bad at weights, but she's supposed to be 'chubby'/overweight )
    personality: yangire with some yandere traits, eg, she can 'snap' without the cause being love for someone else, but she's still obsessive and possessive for whoever she loves. if that makes sense. she's also quick to judge others, and prefers to be on her own except for that special someone, of course.
    weapon of choice: scissors ( used to be a mathematical compass )
    likes: tba
    dislikes: tba
    character item: pair of scissors or marshmellows

    her outfit is inspired by the gothic lolita ( pretty obviously ) and pastel goth styles.

    i haven't recorded her yet but i will soon! i'm going to try to go for a mature voice. * v * yeah, i hope you all like her as much as i do
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