Morana Valdis Picture

She's not a troll nor is she a human or a cherub. She is a female of an alien species known as Goblins. Little to nothing is known about them aside from the fact they're known to trick people into doing regrettable things that can't be fixed.
her names consists of the slavic word for death which is also the goddess of death and winter. Her last name is an Old Norse name composed of the elements valr "the dead, the slain" and dís "goddess, woman," hence "goddess of the slain in battle."
Her weapon is axekind and her world is the land of Color and Tombstones. She is the Sylph of Doom.
She types "l1ke th1$" and her shirt symbol is an ankh.
She enjoys taking on the form of a troll mostly to laugh at people's reactions when she reveals her true form. She finds this behavior completely hilarious. She also enjoys reading mythology, especially when it centers around the gods and goddesses of death and the underworld.
Handle: laughingREAPER
She also festers an unhealthy crush for all jack noirs in every session. None of the jacks like her back and think she's a crazy maniac.
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