Demeter Picture

I drew this in grade 8, for literature circles. We were reading myths and legends and we read about Demeter, Persephone's daughter. The myth explained the seasons. Hades fell in love with Demeter, and took her away when her mother wasn't looking. Persephone, who was in control of the beautiful springs and summers became sad because her daughter was taken away from her. In result of her depression, there was fall and winter. To restore the balance, Demeter ate food from the underworld [where Hades lives] that would make her stay there for 6 months. Then the other 6 months she would go up and stay with her mother. So when Demeter came up to be with her mother it was spring and summer. When she came back down, it was fall and winter.

I hope I got the story right... heehee

Yeah it's just a random drawing I kept.
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