Heru Concept Picture

First Impression - She looks like Rukia from Bleach. Yeah I know, I guess I was influenced by her appearance.
Wii-fluenced? - Also I had made a Mii of this character first so blame the hair styles and the lack there of other styles with bangs. The Mii I made for Heru here I used the eyebrows to make horns/antlers Proportion? What proportion? -
Enough with an interview style comment, blegh it's HORRIBLE. I mean the comments I'm making here not the picture. I'm quite happy with the picture, REALLY I AM. Anyways you'll be seeing more of Heru-san here this year, YAY! Her Real name is Hel yes like the Norwegian Mythology goddess of the underworld. Her story is coming up so wait for it ok? Anyways I'm needing lunch, Laterz ppl.
Heru is owned by me ©
COLOURED WITH FABER-CASTEL MARKERS and a few other types....
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