Warrior of the Moon -ver.2 Picture

This is the newest re-design of my character Princess Lumina. I'm completely satisfied with how she came out and I believe this is a big improvement compared to when I last drew her:[link] .

*Back Story*

Lumina Menae is a descendant of the moon goddess Selene. The descendants of Selene are apart of a family that are known as the "Moon Clan". The task of the Moon Clan, given to them by the heavens, is to protect the Earth from the demoniac creatures that were released by the underworld God, Hades. Hades wants to take over the world and bring forth an Apocalypse to Earth to spite his brother, Zeus, the King of the Gods.

When the Olympian Gods took over the heavens from the Titans, Zeus became the King of the Gods and Hades got stuck with ruling the underworld. He was so mad that he wasn't the ruler of heaven, that he decided to get back at his brother by taking over and corrupting what he loves the most, Earth, and also he knows that his brother has many offspring on the planet that he loves as well.

The task of protecting the Earth has been passed down from generation to generation and now its the responsibility of Lumina since she is apart of the new generation of children. Now that Lumina is the new protector, she is given the title "Princess", which is a tradition in the Moon Clan to give each person a noble title because they are seen as royalty to mere mortals. When Lumina is older and stronger, her status will change to that of a "Queen".

Princess Lumina (c) Princess-Tria
Inspiration for the character: Sailor Moon & Greek Mythology
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