Crack!AU Meme: GOT Characters as Norse gods Picture

This was created for a competition on livejournal. The game rules went that you were to draw your favorite characters or whatever as a mythological character. Sadly I wasn't able to complete this in time.

Having finished reading a collection on Norse Mythology by John Lindow I thought I would try my hand at drawing Sansa Stark as my favorite minor goddess, Fulla and Sandor Clegane as Hel's guard dog Garm.

For details on these two here be the links:

Technically in the book she's carrying Frigg's trunk but Sansa's so small I figured I'd go with the concept that its Frigg's burial urn she carries (the jug on her hip).

Garm Again in the book I was reading Garmr is described as a enormous Hound whose mangy and covered in blood and is the gaurdian/servant of Hel who is the goddess of dead/underworld. Sadly my Hound attempts fell short so again I went with the more popularized version of him which is portrayed as a wolf (dire-wolf in this case).

Again this is my rough attempts to get back into doodling again...
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