Shot of Love Picture

Title page to the second chapter-slash-issue-slash-installment-slash-insertsynonymhere of my lil' comic booking project, DIS: Life is Hell.

Clockwise from left, we have...
Aphrodite. Venus, to the Romans. Goddess of beauty and the physical sense.
Hermes. Mercury, to the Romans. God of...a very long list of things.
Eros. Cupid, or Amor, in Rome. Aphrodite's son, the god of romance! *Clicks castanets.*
And Hades. Pluto, in Rome. God of the earth, and by extension, the underworld. Our pitiful protagonist.

...Get the feeling he's about to go through a major life change?
Lineart for your amusement. If you color, please show me.
(c) J. E. Seames 2007
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