Maulissa Explains Picture

ok, now I know no one's asked yet, but I thought I'd make this just in case. so my little Glasses-wearing werewolf explains why there's more than one death god in my story universe. I have no idea if there's a special name for the realm of the dead in Egyptian mythology beyond the "afterlife"....

Originally i was going to draw this and use Lupa and Bones, but after a while i thought, naw I'll use photos. And since those two still don't have dolls, I used Maulissa and Frankie. The first line is something I wanted to use since I first thought up this comic, and didn't want to scrap it. So it's a little ooc for Frankie, but whatever. I like it. Not much else to say.....I might make another one to explain the difference between Wolfmen and Werewolves but we'll see.

Maulissa Wolf © Me
Monster High © Mattel
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