:Adoptable: Gramalkin - Medeia Picture

Name: Medeia

Gender: Female

Species: Gramalkin

Power: Jagan Eye (Telapathy, Telekinesis, God-like Speed, Dragon of the Darkness Flame mode)

Weakness: Power of the Storm

Where they were born: A creature of the underworld. Created through magic by a powerful sorceress. As such, she has no mother and father. She is not a being of the earth, and so her birth and death is only linked to the will of her creator.

Where they live: Currently roams free, causing mischief and mayhem wherever she pleases. Is supposed to stay in the underworld unless she is in the company of her creator, but she likes to sneak out to “play” quite often.

About them: An ancient Mythological beast in Wicca and Witchcraft; the only description is 'an evil cat-like beast' that can only be stopped by 'the power of the storm'


My hatched adoptable, provided by my lovely girlfriend, Jewel
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