Karen Picture

This is actually an image I am going to be using for the commission primer, but thought I would share as a sketch first. It also gives me an opening to talk about characters that are not mine and the Clockwork Tower. For those of you that don't know, the events of Burning Avalon will be canon for Clockwork tower: it has to do with the plot that the debacle of the Burning Avalon tournament and an elder horror running loose actually provided some of the means for the villains to slip a few things past, and set the stage for the monument mess that is coming. As much as I want to use the NPCs, and was given permission, I don't feel right about using other people's characters in an ongoing story. Considering my track record for being horrible to my characters.

So, the most iconic of the reapers will probably not be appearing right away. Designing the rest of the reapers is actually a lot of fun: Murdoc has a much looser dress code than the other gods, and uses dead souls with "debt" rather than angels. It's fun coming up with ways of reinterpreting the whole grim reaper to fit a version of the underworld that is not completely poisoned by the pathological need to make death evil (again, mythology is usually "more true" than pop culture in CwT, so Death is a good guy, most of the other gods are rapists and hoodlums, angels are soldiers not cute little cherubs, vampires are nocturnal blood starved beasts, and faeries are mean...very very mean).

He's more like a very patient social worker.
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