BeanieBabyPsycho ID Picture

Here's my new deviantArt ID! Finally got this done. It has me as a human, ghost, cat, my little pony, wolf, and cockier spaniel.

Explanation of some thing:
> The reason my cutie mark is like that is because I do digital art.
> I actually have that shirt.
> I'm a cockier spaniel because I have long blond hair and friendly but can get moody from time to time.
> My ghost form is based off Greek Mythology. It's based of Cerberus, guardian of the underworld. I did not do it for religious reasons, I did it because Cerberus is my favorite Greek monster. My alter ego name would be Cerberusa. And that's not an arrow, that's a Greek font "C" like in the tittle of the movie Hercules. Also, I did base my outfit off Disney Hercules's a littel. I though it ti fit better. Anyway, I'd have fire and the normal ghost powers along with a powerful bite force.

Well, that's all I really have to say. Enjoy!

MLP (c) Lauren Fast

Style of human me and part of ghost me (c) Butch Hartman

Everything else(c) BeanieBabyPsycho (DO NOT STEAL)

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