Weapons, Page 1 Picture

Page 1 of weapons from my various works. (NOT counting Tale of a Tail!)

Weapon 1: The Sword of Atlas. This strange looking sword is the sword of the Atlantean Throne and the weapon of the King. Similiar to Narsil from LOR, the sword is a symbol of the Atlantean People and their king. The sword's blade is not a blade at all; it's a long pole! On the blade are microscopic jellyfish barbs that when strocked by the king (sometimes by the queen,) music like a harp can be heard. This is used by the king to unleash his most powerful attacks. The sword is very, VERY sharp, it ca ncut through anything that the king (or queen) wishes. This sword was used by every Atlantean king to date, including Estaban, Christine, and Crimsonus.

Weapon 2: Kronos' Scythe. If you are familiar with Greek Mythology, than you know what this weapon is: the very blade Kronos used to castrate his father. The black scythe is small... when used by Kronos. The scythe's pole is about 5' long when used by Mike, Kronos' God-ian. Normally, the scythe is about the size of a sickle; no more than 3' feet long.

Weapon 3: The INRI Longsword. Despite the obvious religious tone this sword has, the blade is used by the vampire Damian Iscariot. The sword's handle was forged in his blood and cooled in holy water, while the blade was forged in holy water and cooled in Damian's blood. The sword is very powerful, but somewaht uneeded. Damian prefers to use his powerful vampiric magic over actually combat.

Weapon 4: The Evermore. This gigantic sword (let's just say Cloud's Buster Sword has NOTHING on this one!) is the signature weapon of Saint Kakon Pisces Vincent. The blader has seen many battles, and is a staple in Kakon's quest to destory evil. It is believed that blade was forged in the Underworld and was cooled in the River Styx. The sword, other than being a very dangerous weapon, acts as a magnifier when Kakon unleashes the elelmental powers he has obtained.

More to come!
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