Sorrowage Picture

Visual aid for my intro to myth class. My report was on the Norse god Balder.
In the more prevalent myth, Balder was murdered and sent to the underworld. (*Not* Valhalla.) This was tragic, especially since his death was the first foreshadowing of Ragnarok. Hel, the mistress of the underworld, agreed to release him on the condition that everything on earth -- living, dead, or just inanimate -- weep for him.
It didn't work, since Loki refused to cry. But the concept made for interesting subject matter.

More info on Balder can be found at [link]

About the runes (on the gold background): The upper is Sigel, sacred to Balder and connected with light and sun. The lower is Lagu (reversed). Balder was probably originally a sky/fertility god, and Lagu is water/fertility-connected. The reverse indicates "stormy waters and emotional turmoil." Appropriate for all the crying, ne? Got the rune info and quote here: [link]
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