PHOCT Cast - Mr. Saturday Picture

Mr. Saturday, also known as Baron Samedi, is a jovial cad.  Lewd, crude, loud, obnoxious, and very much used to getting his way.  He is irrepressible, irresponsible, and irrational.  Yet, somehow, oddly charming in his own way.  Especially with young and pretty women.  He's a lot like a roguish uncle that everyone is embarrassed around in public, but at home or the bar, there's nobody else you'd rather hang out with.  IF you can tolerate the occasional boob squeeze or bum slap, that is.  Not to mention cigar smoke!

The Baron likes to have a good time, and his parties are always wild affairs.  Rum, cigars, and women are three of his favorite things, preferably in large quantities!  He knows how to cut a rug on the dance floor and he oozes confidence and charm everywhere he goes.  Even when he's mad, he still has style, albeit a terrifying kind. 

As much as Mr. Saturday loves to carouse, he's also got a moody side that requires solitude and quite contemplation.  He'll often sit on the roof of his club and home, "The Rouge," staring out over the Asphodel Fields with a cigar in his mouth, swirling rum round and round in a crystal shot glass, completely lost in thought.  Almost as if he's waiting for something.

As loose as the Baron appears, he likes his job and enjoys doing it.  He's a god of sex, death, and endings.  The first two are pretty obvious in how they work, but the latter has a bit of mystery, even to him.  You see, Baron doesn't cause endings.  He just witnesses them.  Sometimes he'll feel a calling, and he'll pack up his things, give his wife Brigitte Maman a kiss (if she'll let him that day) and follow the call to where it leads.  Why?  Because an ending is coming, and he needs to be there.  Sometimes he shows up a few hours before.  Other times weeks or months, depending on how big the ending is going to be.  The larger the disaster, the longer he waits, setting up shop and getting to know the locals.  So when the crisis strikes, he can be there, not as a helper or a savior, but as a presence.  To show silent, solid support, or drop a crude joke to lighten a dark mood, or enjoy a hot and heavy tumble to forget the troubles for a precious few moments.

The last time Mr. Saturday felt the call, he came to Hades.  And this time his stay wasn't for a few days, or a few weeks.  Oh no, he's been there for over a year now, and he feels it.  An ending is coming.  And he's not going to miss it. 


Besides being a charmer, a loose cannon, and an excellent dancer, Mr. Saturday is an excellent bargainer and people-person.  He gets along with almost everybody.  People just like him, often despite their best judgement, and he's got a keen ability to match up what one person needs with what another person has.  You wish you could have a taste of a New York Pizza just like your momma used to make?  Well, he knows a gal that really could use somebody to fix her shoes, and he knows that you know a friend that used to be a cobbler, and this gal if she gets her shoes fixed, well, if she can walk down to the Dust Town Slums just past Ash Lane, she might be able to bring back her old granny, that used to be the wife of one of the best pizza makers in Brooklyn.  Of course, after that you'll need an oven and ingredients, but you just leave that to ol' Samedi.  He knows a fella or twenty to help.

In addition to his ability to keep track of the wants of everybody and everything, Mr. Saturday also has a line on the most precious commodity of all in the Asphodel Slums:  memory.  The Asphodel fields on which the Slums are built slowly drain away memories.  Baron Samedi can counter-act this, temporarily, by implanting memories into the minds of the dead.  Now, they might not actually be the memories that belong to them, but how would they know?  They can't remember themselves anyway!!


Mr. Saturday is a very young god.  He's only been around for a couple hundred years.  As a result, he's much more comfortable with mortals and current technology than any of the other pantheons.  Yes, he has a Facebook page and a Twitter account, and he's right up there with Lady Gaga in number of friends and followers.  Youtube videos?  You bet!  Check this one out!  #NSFW!!  Even in the Underworld he's kept up to date.  He's had surprisingly good reception down here.

As a young god, he hasn't had time to do to many noteworthy things.  He's not the kind of god that goes around waging war or doing grand deeds.  Nah.  Where's the fun in that?  Waaaaay too much work!!  As a result, he's never really tested his own might.  The Norse gods have wisdom, the Egyptian finesse, the Japanese precision, the Greeks hard-learned restraint, but Mr. Saturday?  He has power.  Probably.

Mr. Saturday so far has discovered that if he refuses to dig a grave for the sick, they will not die.  In fact, they might live long enough to get better.  He also has married a fiery goddess just as ill-tempered and rude as he is.  Maybe more.  And he MIGHT have an effeminate, cross-dressing devil-son.  Maybe.  He tries not to talk about him much.

Other than that...The Baron's deeds are mostly drinking, smoking, and having a good time.


N/A - This section will be necessary for all contestants, but does not apply to the gods.

The Baron doesn't actively want anything.  He's just here for the ride, and to be comfortable and happy while he waits.  However, he knows other people that DO want things, and he likes brokering deals on their behalf.  He might get your OC something they want, in exchange for something that somebody else wants.  Anything from items to deeds to favors are viable bargaining tools.  These deals may be between your Original Character and one of the people in the Underworld, OR it could be between you and another competitor's Original Character or a Fleet Member's Avatar Character.  The only people he doesn't make deals with are other gods.  They don't need the help.
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