Ishtar vs. Ereshkigal Picture

There are so many reasons I love the Sumerian goddess Ishtar, but the story of her descent to the underworld is one of my FAVORITES.

If you've read the manga series RED RIVER, you may know that Ishtar is the goddess of war and love. In all truth, however, she is the goddess of war and SEX.

So Ishtar, goddess of sex, goes to visit her friend Ereshkigal, lord of the underworld. Initially, they won't let her in, and Ishtar threatens to make it rain BLOOD in there unless they let her in. Ereshkigal, not wanting to stain the floors, agrees to let her in, but only if she follows the "ancient decree", and takes off an article of clothing at each of seven gates....Long story short, Ishtar beats the crap out of Ereshkigal, who locks her in the basement, and all sex ceases until she is saved by some hermaphrodite...

...GOD I love Ishtar.
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