Caronte, the Drowned Laughter Picture

Hundreds of years ago, Caronte Lamia was a neophyte that was recently inducted in the ranks of the nurglite Chaos warband of the Carrion Hounds, which members traveled across several sectors and landed in planets to start corrupting and decaying the ecosystem and population of each world. Caronte was young and eager to prove himself worthy of Papa Nurgle and to his new battle brothers, who spoke to him about the joys and gifts that their patron God gave to them, with disease and sickness. Listening to those stories always made Caronte smile and laugh happily, filled with the excitement of being part of such a magnificent plan for the universe.

It was in the swamp planet of Acheron II when the Carrion Hounds were intercepted by a Dark Angels company, which had been following them and waiting for a proper moment to engage the warband. The Dark Angel´s strike was mercyless and unexpected; Caronte and his brothers saw their own battlebarges burning and crashing against Acheron dense atmosphere.

The following fight was harsh and brutal, Caronte was heavily wounded when he was trying to fight back the loyalists in the fetid waters of Acheron II´s marshes. When he grasped one of his band mate´s leg in a desperate attempt for help, he was stomped and kicked until his grip loosened, being left behind in the hurry for a escape. Then Caronte felled and slowly sunk in the swamps depths, with what little remained of this life being extinguished by the putrid water.

Several days after, the only four survivors of the Carrion Hounds that escaped the Dark Angel´s Scourge were scavenging the corpses for supplies and still trying to recover from the fray. They were knee deep in the marsh waters when their augmented audition captured the sound of a guttural, deep chuckle, like bubbles running through mud to the water´s surface. Then they saw him, or it, a hulk of rust, bile and bone. The young neophyte had died, and trough his baptism in Acheron´s waters, reborn as Caronte, the Drowned Laughter, the plague marine, Papa´s Nurgle chosen


There you go, boys and girls, the plague marine from… !!!

I really like drawing decayed, rusty stuff, but I felt sick as I worked in this, so no more guts and infestion for me in a while.

I wanted to make him look big and rescilient, giving the appearance of a ship that was underwater for too long. Also I was inspired in the figure of Charon, the boatmen from the Greek mythology underworld, hence the name, the water theme and the row shaped blade. When Caronte (which is the spanish name of Charon) ascends to daemonhood, his similarities with the mythological figure increases; his legs transforms in a huge bone and ceramite barge, with little tentacles that push the boat forward while Caronte laughs and row against the crowd of this enemies with his blade.
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