How to Build a Hades Picture

"How to Build a Hades"...a reference sheet intended for persons who are not myself, because I already know all this.
...With swanky commentary, for clarification.

Character Info

Hades is the Greek god of the earth, also known to the Romans as Pluto. He is the eldest son of the Titans Kronos (god of time) and Rhea (goddess of motherhood.)
As god of the earth, he is, by extension, god of wealth (by relation of minerals) and ruler of the realms of the dead (as the deceased are stored below ground in the Underworld.)

Shell-shocked from a childhood trauma of being literally eaten alive by his father, and living with continual humiliation in the shadow of his oh-so-popular, if irresponsible, younger brother who happens to be king of the entire universe, Hades is a bitter, pessimistic god ruled by neuroses and self-doubt. His schedule is a hectic one full of the bureaucratic chores of running all the Underworld, but he's actually somewhat grateful to have a valid excuse not to have to associate with any of the rest of his family, who continually leave him the butt of their jokes. Suffice to say, Hades hasn't had a girlfriend in a long, long time. He keeps very little company outside of his employees (all of whom disrespect him, and he regards as being incompetent) and the only companion whose presence gives him any enjoyment is his adorable mutant dog, Kerberus. (Who would have guessed that as much as he seems to hate everyone else, Hades is an animal lover?)

Ol' tall, dark, and grim is kept going mainly by drinking a lot of coffee (he takes it black) and by fantasizing about stuffing his hyperactive, always-visiting-uninvited nephew, Hermes, into a meat grinder. He also plays air guitar in his underwear from time to time.
...All Hades really wants to do is sculpt. And maybe get the spine enough to stand up to his brother. But he's not counting on it.

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