Throne of Hades Picture

When lacking tablet, use prismacolor ^_^.

This is a picture of the Greek god Hades (Pluto for the Romans), lord of the underworld, lounging about in his throne. This is what he's SUPPOSED to look like, a "dark-bearded" man, not that blue flame-haired thing they came up with for that horrible Disney movie. Hades is NOT evil. He just looks after dead people.

Next to him is his bride Persephone (or Proserpina), holding what is supposed to be a pomegranate. I haven't seen one in ages so I have no idea if it looks right.

No, the three headed dog at their feet is not a miniature version of Fluffy from Harry Potter. That is Cerberus, who guards the gates of the underworld. I think he's supposed to have a dragon's tail...I drew this a while ago, can't remember whether I was using artistic license there or not. Um...don't ask me who the skeleton is, that was sort of a random last minute addition. I think it's funny though.

This entire picture was inspired by my mythology class. A friend of mine, Megan, who was also in that class with me always liked this picture, so if you're reading this Megan, this pic is for you!

Colored with prismacolor colored pencils, except the background and the eyes which I added in photoshop. My scanner tried to kill the vibrancy of the reds, but I thwarted it with the awesomeness that is the hue/saturation adjustment. Ha! Take that scanner!
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