Izanami progress Picture


Izanami ... goddess from Japanese mythology.
Coming out of a bit of a creative block.
Still working on this... and will make a limited edition print I think.

There were two gods, Izanami and Izanagi. They gave birth to many of the deities and islands of Japan. However Izanami died from burns during the birth of the fire god, Kagutsuchi. Even from her death deities were born.

After she died, Izanagi went to the Underworld to try and retrieve her. She told him that she would try to discuss with the lords of the Underworld so he should return to his world and absolutely must not turn back. Tempted just like Orpheus, he looked back and saw the rotting corpse of Izanami and fled to the surface. This made her rage with shame and anger that he broke the promise so she sent deities to chase after him. Izanami said that if Izanagi left her she would vow to kill 1000 each day from his world. He retorted that he would bring forth 1500 each day.
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