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My imaginary pony, Myrkur Hel. Named after the Icelandic word for darkness ( 'Myrkur' ) and the Norse 'goddess' of the Underworld ( 'Hel' ).

Myrkur Hel was born sexless (without a defined gender - its genitalia and other reproductive organs are simply absent). S/he is a Dark One, meaning s/he is one of a race of black horses that dwell in quasi-absolute darkness; its parents abandoned it because of its sexlessness as well as because of its white face. Like its mythological counterpart, Hel has half of its face entirely white, while the rest of its body is black. Unlike Ilumina and Räendel, s/he does not have a dominant gender: it varies according to its moods and feelings. It calls itself (or rather I do) Myrkur when it feels male and Hel when it feels female.

It was adopted by Jörmungandr & Alkonost. Yes, I'm a sucker for Nordic mythology, sue me.

(I also have a Loki and a Fenrisulfr, nyah.)

Myrkur Hel is the current Protector of Water.


First attempt with a tablet. Oi vey. Full view for details.
Be gentle (if honest).

Horse is Chinook, by ~lakotasdream.
Brushes used are by =arrsistable.
Original character by me.
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