Garmr Ulfrinn Picture

NOTE: I don't count this as "adult" because there is no obvious or explicit violence going on, the blood is just THERE. And besides the background, it barely looks like blood (I weep at my inability to draw blood).

After having seen the entire (at least entire so far) anime of Matantei Loki Ragnarok, and read the first two black books of the manga, I am mildly disappointed in the lack of more monsters from Norse mythology that they used. However, I like Garmr, as you should know if you've seen my gallery. So I made my own character, slightly based off my old design for the children's book. So be prepared for a rant about the details about him. It's a long rant:

Garmr, first off, is the hound that is chained in Gnipahellir (the entrance to the underworld) to prevent the dead from escaping. At least, I think that's what it was. Anyway, he's got four eyes (I know this one has more), and is constantly stained with blood. It is said that, after Skoll and Hati devour Sunna and Mani, his barking will cause the three roosters (in Niflheim, Valhalla, and Jotunheim) to start crowing. This will announce the beginning of the true battle of Ragnarok, after the three long years of Fimbulvetr (Great Winter). Then Garmr will escape his bonds and fight against Tyr (god of single combat and heroic glory), and both will slay each other.

So anyway, I took quite a bit of this in mind when making the character design. Note the muzzle on the wolf form. The farther forward Garmr stretches his neck, the tighter the part around his mouth becomes (because I noticed when my dog and my friend's dog bark, they stretch their heads forward really far). So that keeps him from barking and signaling Ragnarok. In human form (he has a glamour put on him like Yamino) he cannot yell or speak much louder than a normal "inside voice". His fur, and human form's hair, is matted with blood (which makes his human form hair look like it was dyed and gelled into spikes). Finally, in human form he wears a pair of goggles with red lenses that are really his second pair of eyes on his face, and he has eye "tattoo"s on his shoulders and hips.

As for his personality, Garmr is rarely serious, he enjoys his freedom from Gnipahellir too much to take things too seriously. According to my idea, he was released by Frigga, to aid Loki against her husband Odin (who she had realized was becoming more dark and evil). Garmr's first thought was to find Hel (who he calls 'Hel-mama' because she raised him from a puppy) who had left to go and torture/kill Loki. When he finally managed to make it to the Enjaku Detective Agency Headquarters, Hel had already died/gone back to the underworld/whatever it is you have decided she did. Personally, I think she died, but I've seen other theories out there. Anyway, he gets pissed and starts to try to attack Loki (using his claws, as his mouth is still bound pretty good). However, Fenrir and Yamino leap into action and, after a good beating and many painful bites from both, Garmr finally surrenders. It might also have to do with Fenrir's teeth at his throat. So he lives with Loki now, taking the Japanese name 'Ookami Garou' (Garou Ookami in Western order, Ookami's his "family name").

He also has a corgi-like dog form, about the same size as Fenrir's puppy form, that Loki refers to as Garmr. Oh, and the wolf-form is actually just smaller than Fenrir's true form, so this isn't actual scale.

Anyway, the rune brush is from ([link]). There are some other great brush packs over there! Go see them!
And I can't find where the blood brush is from, but it isn't mine. If the blood brush is yours (if you can tell) or if you know where it's from, tell me so I can properly credit.
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