Screamer Picture

Just a quick pic of Mouri's scythe because it's bugging me sodding around uncoloured...even though I have just done a crappy ten minute job. Meh.

So, just for Fwtiboo, because I recall her squeeing with delight....over this or over Chaotic Mourir I can't remember
It's names the screamer, because if you look at the skulls eye, there are my little excuse for screaming skulls in it Even though Mourir's actually the ruler/king/'head boss guy' (~Satan) of the Underworld and Hell's like a smaller realm within it, which Satan is in charge of. All the damned and the hated and those who have sinned beyond repent go there and roast for eternity. Fun, ne?
Anubis (Pika wuvs ancient Egypt) guides the dead to the Underworld, from there, they either ascend to Heaven or are thrown to Hell.
Or stay in the Underworld; but if you're bad Cereberus eats you ^-^ Yay~ (not the Cerbrus from Janac in Immortal, Cereberus from Greek mythology)

The symbol for Alpha and Omega are just out of the skulls mouth; they are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, symbolising the beginning and end of all things (in our world, Jesus Christ), in Anima, there are*don't quote me* 'spirits' by these names who are like extensions of Mourir's soul, but they are not part of him exactly. They usually hide as a shroud of shadows forming a living cloak which Mourir's rarely without. They have no gender, nor can they breed, but they are rather feminine and a bit too touchy-feely for Mourir's liking *mwuahaha....* (hec, they're all over him...literally n.n)

Anyway~ much explaining x-x I'm getting there....slowly....


I will live forever or die trying
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