Sailor Persephone Picture

This is my fan senshi Sailor Persephone, a product of my renewed Sailor Moon fix.

She is the leader of my team of five. She is based on the Greek goddess Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. Basically she was lured into spending four months out of year in the Underworld by eating four pomegranites.

Her crimson colors are based on the pomegranites of her mythology, and the pink hair? Simply my choice. She kind of reminds me of Chubiusa...just a tad.

Her character is quiet but severely dedicated, and she is the respected leader among her teen.

The weapon is a staff, haven't added much story around that one....

I used her Greek name as opposed to the general Roman ones that the other senshi have. Her Roman name is Proserpina, which sounds just as good, but most people aren't familiar with it, and I wanted the lore behind her to be ready to mind when you heard her name.
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