R:RotG Loki Initial Concept Picture

So here it is, my first attempt of getting my concept art of Loki down on paper. I have mixed feelings about this for sure. As I had said, I was happy with the design of the light armor he has (though I admit I pulled a bit from Ike in SSBB), the clothing underneath needs a bit of work (I'm thinking maybe hoodie [off] ala Altair from Assassin's Creed), and the feet armor are in dire need of work (I just modified a set of clothing available in DW5E >.< ).

His head is an entirely different matter. I initally wanted to go with the spiky long hair look of Dark Mousy from DN Angel, but not exactly, and it was working to a point... but I wasn't happy with it, so I kind of went for the Squall look (I know, I model a lot after a lot, but bear with me, my mind is fickle). The end result wasn't exactly Squall, but instead, with the little soul patch goatee, it looks a bit like the main character from Prince of Persia...

Laevateinn, the sword floating near his right hand, is a wide tipped claymore. Laevateinn roughly translates to "Wounding Wand/Spear," even though its a sword. While swords in those day were attributed to wind, wands/spears were of the Fire element. It's a strange sword that is only wielded by the gods, even though its power was so strong the Gods themselves feared it. It floats instead of being wielded like a regular sword. Surt, the ruler of the Fire Underworld, kept the blade under wraps until Ragnarök, in which it would be used to slay Freyr, a previous owner, and also to be used to sever the roots of Yggdrasil. So I came up with it being a wide tipped claymore so it could resemble both a sword and a spear at the same time, which would float like a keyblade would in KH2 Sora's Master or Final Forms. I don't think the invincibility trait that it had in the myths was good for a comic, so I decided on removing that feature.

Fenrir is a rapier (though going under many redesigns right now). I wanted it to be a sword, being a sword fanatic, so I wanted something that was swift, yet cunning. However, I'm not all that great at rapier designs, it would seem.

Alright, anyways, Stats:

Name: Loki
Biological Age: 28
Spirit of: Fire (and Betrayal)
Symbol: Kaunaz (The one on his belt and Shoulder plate)
Occupation: Valhalla Blacksmith
Weapons Created: Fenrir, Jormungandr, Laevateinn. Also may have had a hand with obtaining Thor's Mjolnir.
Children: Hela (by Angrboda)
Continue Reading: The Underworld