From the Murky Depths of Hell Picture

Tada! This is my gaming avatar, Xolotl, Aztec God of death, fire, lightning and bad luck. (Btw he's an undead hound under that skull helmet). He fulfils a similar role to Anubis from Egyptian mythology in that he leads the spirits of the dead through the underworld into the afterlife.

After seeing a character made after anubis in Unreal Tournament, I figured I'd do one for my favourite ancient deity.

I started this in Photoshop alongside a much more substantial project with the intention of using this as a speedpaint to test techniques and ideas for the main project. However, in typical me fashion, I got halfway into it before realising that with a wee bit of effort I could have something quite credible.

I tried a bunch of new stuff that I plan on using again in the future, including textures for the metal etc.
I'd be very happy to answer any and all questions you may have since it'll help set the new methods I used into my head so I won't forget them!

Should I mature content this for gore? Eh... nah, it's not that bad. If you think I should flag it, just let me know.
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