TimeSOS- Character Grid Picture

Just something I've been working on for a while. I don't expect you to recognize any of these guys since I haven't uploaded art with them before (except for Eryn, she's special)

Here's a mini bio for each character, and their spot on the grid:

~Eryn (lawful good)
A fairy who was lured to Earth out of curiosity, only to get her wings stolen by a human.

~Miley (neutral good)
A human obsessed with all sorts of mythology who jealously guards her Uncle's travel journals from around the world.

~Kaylei (chaotic good)
A mischievous cat-human who hoards knowledge and cheats death.

~Brock (lawful neutral)
A Jaguar warrior who was burned to death, only to be brought back to life as another man's multiple personality.

~Dragon (neutral)
An envoy for the guardian of Purgatory, Malek Til, along with his partner Charley Horse.

~Dark Master (chaotic neutral)
A master of the dark arts who rules over the Academy of Woe with his sister and friend.

~Jackal (lawful evil)
The Denizen of Hell and the Underworld, and a meddler of Earthly affairs.

~Jarek (neutral evil)
A perverted cannibalistic necrophiliac who lives in a graveyard and cannot die.

~Chaos (evil)
The Anti-god, ruler of chaos and destruction of order and all that is evil.

All characters are mine
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