Keeper of the Gate Picture

Alright, that picture needs a bit explanation:

Okay, Leon is close to death and on the step of the door to eternity a wolf is waiting for him, to help him decide if he wants to live or if he wants to die. The idea behind this concept can be found in the ancient cultures of the old times. In european history, the wolf can always be found as companion on the way to the next life. Herecura - the godess of death, who stands on the edge to the underworld is guarded by a wolf. Hekate, guarding the crossing that separates the living from those, who have to go is wating there with a wolf. In the old germanic mythology the soul is riding into eternity on the back of a she-wolf. The ancient egypt god Anubis is not exactly a wolf but still a canine.

But there's another story - a true story that touched my heart, when I first read it and it still does... I'm close to crying again... A wolf trainer in Germany got a call once from a man. His girlfriend was deathly ill and before she had to go, she wanted to meet a true wolf - at least this once. The trainer brought up all her wolves by hand and agreed. The day the woman visited, the wolves reacted like never before. She could cuddle with the wolf, that normale accepted only the trainer close and they stayed always by her side - as if they knew she was close to death. One week later, the man called again and asked the trainer for the photos she had made while that day. His girlfriend was on the edge of death and he wanted to put the photos on the ceiling over her bed. The trainer scanned the photos and sent them via e-mail. The wolves guarded her soul and lead her to eternity.

If anyone is interested you can find that story in the book "Wolfsspuren" written by Tanja Askani.

Leon: Jay-Kennedy
Wolf: Rexil & XNAaraL
Background: Dusan

Made in XNALara, edit in Photoshop!

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