+Lucifer's Angel+ Picture

Behind those eyes lies the truth and grief
Behind those beautiful smiles I've seen tragedy
The flawless skin hides the secrets within
Silent forces that secretly ignite your sins

Fly away, fly away
From the torch of blame
They hunt you
The Lucifer's Angels
Never lived, you never died
Your life has been denied
They call you
The Lucifer's Angel

Beyond these clouds you can hide all your tears
Beyond this world you'll be safe from their wicked fears
And in their hearts they fear your demands
You know their minds won't accept you, they'll never understand

On your own I know you can make it
Truth or bone. I know you can shake it
Survive alone I know you can take it

Fly away, fly away
Run away, run away
Hide away, hide away
Lucifer's Angel

*dies 3 times over*

Been working on this for 2 days straight, and it started as just a doodle to draw her hair side on.

I was listening to Lucifer's Angel while working on it XD

Another of my flower theme pics, this time Asphodel which is known for growing in graveyards and in greek mythology grows in the underworld. There were a few other flowers in there but the lineart for them got lost in the colour somewhere

Ayako (c) ~Sajiri
Lucifer's Angel (c) The Rasmus
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