GTB - Cerberus Picture

Another monster from the Groovy Tube Books: Mythical Beasts book. This time its Cerberus up to bat!

Cerberus: The three headed canine that guarded the gates of the Underworld, so that no souls may escape back to the land of the living. Hercules was told to wrestle and bring back the beast to the gods, with only his bare hands! Cerberus is also said to have a snake for a tail and in his fur, which bit Hercules as he hauled the dog back to the surface.

Remember when I said the figures vary in quality? Well, the Cerberus isn't terrible, but it isn't great like the Hydra or Kraken. Not very much fur detail, but it does have a nice snake tail, and the gloss finish doesn't help that much either. Its nice to have figure of Cerberus though.
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