Checkmate-King1 Picture

I have 3D Modeling this year, and our first assignment was to sketch out chess pieces for both sides of the board. He wanted us to do a theme and work with it. Only thing, the bases has to be relatively the same for all of them. So, my and my partner decided on a mythology theme. Greek/Roman v. Norse.

My first 6 images I will show you will be my Greek/Roman pieces. All of which would be similar in appearance to the Norse in some way, shape, or form.

First, this is the King piece: Hades.
Yes, I drew Hades with wings. I've seen so many different depictions of him, even some with wings, I figured to do the same. I like the how, bat-like appearance he has going on. And please, do not say that it's wrong, since even ancient depictions of him vary. So there.

[the 3D Models will be shown when I have them done. Let me know what you think when this is all over. 8D]

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