Viviane's Realm of Bhogavati Picture

The location is Bhogavati, the subterranean capital city of the Naga race, situated within the Nagaloka region of the Patala underworld in Hindu mythology. The architecture is based on several Hindu temples, some of which have almost futuristic elements.

In my story, The Lord's Legacy, the Naga are initially snake-human mutants created by demonic portal sorcery. They, along with many other false gods, spread their belief systems far and wide, thriving in the eastern world of Asia where Judaism, Christianity, and Islam were absent. Eventually, Viviane, the Lady of the Lake and a Naga herself, pressed with the Will of God, traveled from Britain with her followers (mostly Naga or merfolk). After passing through the Mediterranean and down into the Red Sea, her group of holy travelers discovered the demon-infested India. Slowly but surely, they stood against them in battle, mostly against the demonic Naga there, casting out their evil spirits. With time, they converted many to their cause and overthrew the Naga kings, taking their capital as a new base of operations. Viviane and her people remained there for over 1000 years, taking out as many demonic strongholds as possible, until at least the host of demons left, retreating to their hidden realm in New Babylon.

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