Down the Slope Wizard Island Picture

In the middle of a lovely blue body of water lies Wizard Island. Where there once was a great earth god known as Llao whom reigned there, now all that remains is a faded memory of what was, and a heeding that not all gods are immortal.

The story goes...

"The Klamath stories say that quarrels began, and war broke out between Llao and Skell. One time Llao visited atop he saw Loha, the daughter of the Klamath Indian Chief, and fell in love with her. He became extremely angry when she rejected his hideous, underworld nature, and cursed the Klamath with fire that rained down on them. The Klamath turned to Skell for help. In response to the Klamath people's pleadings, Skell descended from the sky to the top of Mount Shasta. A furious battle ensued, Skell from Mount Shasta and Llao from Mount Mazama. The ferociousness of the fight led two medicine men to jump into the pit of the underworld as a sacrifice to appease the spirits. Inspired by their sacrifice, Skell fought harder and defeated Llao, driving him deep into the underworld. The story goes on to explain that Skell then covered the hole to the underworld with the top of Mount Mazama to imprison Llao forever. As a final act, Skell covered the remains of the dark pit with water to restore peace and tranquility to the land, which became Crater Lake." - Mythology from the Klamath Indians.

The true story is it was once a great volcano called "Mt Mazama", when it exploded the magma chamber emptied out the side rather then the top, which made it collapse, now all is left is the top, and its still active. Thus being now called "Crater Lake"


Mark and I took a little time to adventure on up to Crater Lake, it sure is a sight to see, I recommend going up there during summer time, it gets a bit chilly otherwise. I took some pictures while up there, and Mark was nice enough to touch it up.


Photo taken by StrictlyAshleyDee
Touch-ups by Deoradhain
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