Taking the Seeds Picture

we're coming to the end of our little tale, here shows Persephone and Hades in the Underworld once more, it's significantly 'warmer' looking because Hades has found a new light in his life, Persephone. However things are not what they appear, he is determined to keep her by his side so is offering her half of a pomegranate (which you cant see but he totally IS holding.... >3>...) Persephone is blisfully unaware of what meaning and bond is behind eating the fruit of the underworld... however she will soon find out...

Again this illustration is part of a small series which followes through the tale of the Pomegranate Seeds, the tale of Hades and Persephone. I wrote a short story of my own interpretation of this myth as can be viewed here [link]

Persephone, Hades interpretation and art (c)~xo-shauna-xo
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