Hades Chibi Picture

This is my first pic of Hades up? Wowzas.
So, here's Hades from my series Godz Today. He's tied for first for "favorite character" with Thoth!
I dunno why I like him so much. Is it the fact he's totally misunderstood? The sympathy for nobody liking him? i dunno. But what I do know is he's awesome and...stuff.
Hades is the Greek god of the underworld. In the comic, he's misuncerstood- he was never evil, and Disney's Hercules did not help his reputation. AT ALL.- and nobody except for Persephone and Hermes likes him. Poor guy. *Me; I'll be your friend, Hades!!! Him; Yah!!!(starts doing his happy dance)(yes, he has a happy dance. XD)*

NekoMimi Studios/ Maddie chan
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