Introducing... THE GODS part1 Picture

People were having a hard time regognising the gods I'm throwing into these comics... so I'll start up a handy dandy reference strip, and see how it goes from there.

Some more copy/paste info...

Ra (Rê and later Amun-Ra; reconstructed as *ri:ʕu) is the ancient Egyptian sun god. He is a major deity in ancient Egyptian religion by the fifth dynasty. Identified primarily with the mid-day sun, the chief cult centre of Ra first was based in Heliopolis (ancient Inunu) meaning "City of the Sun". In later Egyptian dynastic times, Ra was subsumed into the god Horus, as Re-Horakhty (and many variant spellings). He commanded sky, earth, underworld. He was associated with the falcon.
Pharaohs were considered to be the children of the sun god Ra

considered one of the most important deities of the Egyptian pantheon, often depicted with the head of an Ibis. His roles in Egyptian mythology were many. Thoth served as a mediating power, especially between good and evil, making sure neither had a decisive victory over the other.He also served as scribe of the gods, credited with the invention of writing and alphabets (ie. hieroglyphs) themselves.

as crocodiles were deeply feared in the nation so dependent on the Nile River. His worship began as an attempt to pacify crocodiles so as to reduce the danger they posed.
he's depicted as a large crocodile, and has all the dangerous attributes you might expect: cunning, treachery, deceit and sharp pointy teeth. Careful — it could all end in tears.
Gradually, Sobek, also came to symbolize the produce of the Nile, thus the fertility that it brought to the land, and so his status quickly became more ambiguous.
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