Ammit the Devourer Picture

^^ just a quick, un-inked, speed sketch that I colored on the computer. I've always loved mythology, and I used to be obsessed with the Egyptian pantheon when I was really little. I need to brush up on it again.
anyways, this is Ammit (Ammut, Ammet, whatever you want to call her). The Demoness that resided in the hall of Ma'at. When the dead arrived in the underworld their heart was weighed against the feather in Ma'at's headress on a scale. if the heart was lighter or equal to the feather, the soul was allowed to pass.
but if the heart was weighed down by sin and wickedness, the God Anubis fed the heart, and thus the soul of the dead to Ammit, who would consume the entire existence of the dead in a second death from which there was no afterlife, or escape. She was never worshiped as a goddess but feared greatly, and respected through this. She is considered a symbol of divine retribution.
The title to this I guess is a little redundant. Ammit actually means "devourer", or "bone eater" (in some stories Ammit ate the entire body). As you can see(or should), she has the head of a crocodile, the front body of a lion/lioness, and the behind of a hippo. Sometimes she is also depicted with a leopards coat, which I considered but was to lazy to do.
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