In the stillness of a hummingbird's eye 2# Picture

'In the stillness of a hummingbird's eye 2#', Ink and pencil on Bockingford paper, 41x51cm (2013)

In this piece I am margin together the symbolic meanings and mythologies behind the hummingbird and the stag. In Celtic mythology, the Lord of the Forest Beasts, Cernunnos collected the souls of the dying and escorts them to the underworld. As the bird has been used as a symbol of the Soul since antiquity, I have symbolised this Celtic legend with dead birds hanging from his antlers.

One of the widespread beliefs is that hummingbirds, in some way, are messengers between worlds. As such, they help shamans keep nature and spirit in balance. Hopi and Zuni legends tell of hummingbirds intervening on behalf of humans, convincing the gods to bring rain. Because of this, people from these tribes often paint hummingbirds on water jars. The Hopi kachina for Hummingbird depicts him with green moccasins and a green mask. He has an aqua body, and he is yellow on top of the head. Like the hummingbird, that stag was believed to be able to jump between worlds, in a single bound, and was often seen as a guide. Here I have played up the connection between the hummingbird and water, and continued this into the stag..
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