New story main char design Picture

Story Premise:

The story features an imaginary daughter of Hades (unknown mother) who was never allowed to live Underworld. She never tried to escape since Underworld was a huge domain and she always had everything she wanted. One day she plays chess with the grim reaper and beats him. Mad, the grim reaper manipulated and convinced her to get out of Underworld. Soon she finds out why she wasn’t allowed to leave her home:
She was cursed at her birth that if she leaves Underworld she will slowly lose her powers and eventually her immortality.
The World is much different as she expected and now that she is not daddys girl anymore she needs to learn how to survive and go back in the underworld before full moon. She manages to get friends with a poor orphan boy who always tries to get rid of her thinking she is insane. Her adventures won’t be easy bc she will have to face the wrath of an Olympian princess and to unlock the secrets of her curse and the mystery of her lost mother.

she doesnt have a name yet.
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