Anubis Picture

Finally a drawing of HIM up.. ugh. This is gonna be LONG.

Anubis, my fav egyptian god ever for I dunno how long. Always had hots for him LOL.

Anyways naturally my story/comic is centered around him.

In the mythology(ugh so many places say so many things about him it's damn confusing!) He used to be the lord of the underworld until Osiris took over that job. Anubis I guess is in charge of enbalming(yeah guts!) and pretty much guarding the dead, judging the dead and other small deeds. A good watch dog/jackal he is! XD

It's not really known whether he is either a jackal/dog or a hybrid of both or even wolf in there somewhere. I made him somewhat very furry. I like it that way XD.
Personally to me he's a hybrid of both.. he contains the wild side of his jackal-ness. Yet he retains the faithful and loyal protecting qualities of the dog.

Anyways as for the story part of him that I came up with. This is somewhat connected with the mythology..the rest I made up for the story
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