Orpheus in the Underworld Picture

I had to do a mythology project. My myth was of Orpheus, the best musician in the world who tries to get his lover back from death. I had a lot of plans for this, but in the end I only had one day to make the pictures, starting at 8:00 at night (I worked until 12:00) That being said, even though this is pretty crappy, I am proud of myself because I know virtually nothing about the Gimp and I managed to wing it in a few hours. although it sucked to be rushing it so much, I'm actually glad that I did it because I learned a lot in those four pressing hours. And yeah, by the time it was 12:00 I didn't even bother to color within the lines. I have another drawing from this experience, too, but it isn't colored like this one. I'm going to make another drawing with this program, but next time more slowly so that I can explore more stuff.
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