Play That Sad Song Picture

So...I think this is number 5 out of the 12 greek what not I have to do....not even half way done...*sob*

but anyway, this is Orpheus. He is sad.

His story in a nutshell:
Orpheus is a very good musician, and plays the harp, and one day he meets Eurydice, they fall in love, get hitched, but son of a bitch, on the day of the wedding she gets bitten by a poisonous snake and dies. So Orpheus is crushed and goes down to the underworld, playing is harp the whole way cause thats just what he does, then talks with Hades about getting his wife back, Persephone is so moved by his story that she begs Hades to Let him have his wife back and Hades is all, "well I suppose, but when your walking back to your world, Eurydice will be following behind you, and you cannot look back till your both out of the underworld." So hes all happy and excited, walks back to the light, and once he gets out of the underworld he eagerly turns around only to see Eurydice isnt quite out of the tunnel from the underworld, then she gets sucked back down and then the above picture. Then the next part where some nymphs come along and tear him apart, then throw his remains in the river. Lovely
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