Morana Picture

She is best known as Slavic Goddess of Winter and Death. In most cases, she is described as a beautiful, black haired woman with wolf fangs and paws. That, however is just one aspect of this formidable Lady. She actually has her origins in the myth about Perun and Veles. She is a twin sister to Juraj (Yarilo). Please keep in mind that I'm bringing a very short version of the said myth here. Story says that Juraj is stolen by Veles, and grows up to his teens in the underworld with him. After he frees himself, he starts walking, and thus brings back the Spring. He reaches the top branches of the great World Tree, where he is welcomed by his father, and he marries his twin sister, and with the marriage, comes Summer. At this point, Morana is called Mara. Unfortunately, he cheats on his wife, and she has him killed. She has hers (and his) brothesr chase him into the field in his horse form (Autumn) and they behead him. He goes back in the underworld (Winter) and Mara turns into the winter Goddes, bringing all sorts of troubles to Earth.
Morana is a formidable Godes, and formidable woman. That was my impression of her. I think that, when one looks at her in all her aspects, she can be seen as Slavic version of Threefold Goddess. What impressed me the most is that in every aspect, she stands her ground, servant to no one. As I said, formidable.
Van Gogh and Pelican Watercolors on cold pressed 200 g Fabriano paper. I hope you like it!
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