A Coin For The Ferryman Picture

quikie here.

Task: (June) Timmy's Rescue.
Reward: 1 point + Carin Coin. Used in the task itself to bring back Timmeh to the world of the living. (more on this in a sec.)

Ever since I saw the coin artefact as a reward for this one task, I was intrigued by how it could be used. But then I noticed something else. Charon here, the Dusknoir is descripted as a pokemon who is seen commonly coming in and out of this well. This well being one that reaches the underground river Styx. Which if I'm not mistaken, is exactly like Greek mythology. I'm guessing someone wanted to be rather blunt about it. Dusknoir being the pokemon who is said to transport the recent dead to the spirit realm. So yea, fits the description of Charon, the ferryman. He who ferried the souls of the dead to the underworld throught the river Styx. Eh, welp there are 7 other underworld rivers, but Styx is the most easy to remember lol. To me it sound egyptian, but egh.

So! What actually transpired in this? well as Greek mythology would have it, there were several living people who were able to travel to the underworld to, most of the times, recover a loved one. But in order to do so they must cross the river that leads to it. But how on earth did they convince the ferryman below to take them there? Well paid Charon a coin, which used to be put on the eyes of the dead before their burial.

Basicly what happund: Riolu went down the well. Found Carin Coin. Found dead Timmeh. Found Charon, and bribed him to take him as well as Timmeh back to the surface. Timmeh when out of the well turns out to be alive! Huzzah! All is good!

ah, neways. Played a bit with previous easy/fast way of coloring, then could very easily change hues and such to play around with purple and yellow. they being opposites n all. yellow being sun, life whatever, purple being the opposite and a rather uncommon color would be death or whatever. so turned red eyes to purplish. blue on Santiago are sort of purpleish. water is purple, rocks are purple. PURPLE! uh..... yeah.

edit: forgot to not compress that much the image.
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