Pepper Isis Picture

Medium / Softwares used: Pencil, Pigment Inks, PaintShop Pro 7

Artist Name: Mohamed Ahmed

AGE: 23

Country: Egypt

Personal Website: [link]

Artwork Description: Pepper as "Isis" with "Osiris" from Ancient Egyptian Mythology ... a tribute to Pepper and the wonderful Legend of "Isis" & "Osiris"

Here Pepper as "Isis" (wearing her head-dress) longs for her beloved husband "Osiris" who became king of the underworld thus they weren't able to live with each other anymore as they used to.

He was a great pharaoh but his brother "Seth" didn't like that so he tricked him and Osiris was killed by his hands ... after that "Seth" cut his body to twelve pieces and scattered it across the whole country ... his faithful wife "Isis" searched for his body and collected it .. putting it back together in a linen as a mummy and asking "Anubis" (god of mummification) to bring him back to life but "Osiris" couldn't return to being human any more ... because of his brothers trachery he became a rulerer of the dead while she was left alone to bring up his son "Horus" who later defeats the evil "Seth" in an epic battle ( Osiris brother and the one who seperated them with his treachery & jealousy).
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