Yggdrasil... Picture

"In Niflheim, the Norse Underworld, lives a great dragon or serpent, Nidhogg, whose name means "tearer of corpses". He gnaws on the roots of the world ash, Yggdrasil, waiting for Ragnarok. Yggdrasil is also home to an eagle and to an anthropomorphic squirrel named Ratatosk. Ratatosk ferries insults back and forth between Nidhogg at the ash's roots and the eagle living up in the branches."

The above text is from norse culture database of the game Age of Mythology... I read it and though: hnnn.... wouldn't that be an interesting picture? (all in lower case because I think in lower case

Anyhow... yeah... done in pencil only... I will submit the colored version tomorrow...
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