Crossroads Picture

This piece, entitled "Crossroads" is my depiction of Hecate, the Goddess of the Crossroads in Greek Mythology. Dwelling in the underworld, Hecate acted as the link between the spirit world and Earth and possessed extraordinary power. Although believed by many to be evil, Hecate was in fact a very ambivalent woman, who could decide whether to bestow upon you great happiness and luck or grave misfortune. Many tried to earn this luck by leaving food at the crossroads in honor of her or by erecting a pole at the intersection where three masks would be hung requesting her guidance in helping to choose the right direction. Often depicted as having three heads and accompanied by dogs, who's howl you hear as Hecate approaches, I tried to compile all the details that I find make Hecate such an interesting character and create an interpretation that is fresh and original while still being true to her history.
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