Random Gods - Persephone, Kore Picture

Here's my representation of the 3 stages of life of Persephone. Originally she was Kore, the virgin "maiden". She was happy and carefree until her uncle, Hades (the god of the Underworld) took her for his bride. Buried beneath the earth, in the Land of the Dead, Kore mourned for the separation from her mother, Demeter (the goddess of cereal and grains). Everywhere, the land ceased to bring forth its produce and the farm and forest animals ceased producing babies. Thus, a deal had to be struck between Hades and Demeter. Kore would spend a portion of her time each year with her mother - ensuring there would be a bountiful harvest - and she would spend another portion of the year with her spouse - during which time the earth would go dormant. Thus was Kore elevated to the position of Persephone, the mighty goddess of the Underworld, guardian of all planted seeds.
Ain't mythology fun? Heh...
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