Ride into Darkness, Hope Springs Eternal Picture

Ride into Darkness; Hope Springs Eternal

Orignal line art and fanfiction by :iconquantumwitch: All credit goes to her, all I did was the colouring and surrounding text.

I finally finished it! Ok, so here's the explanation;

'Hope Springs Eternal' is a brilliant piece of fan fiction by :iconquantumwitch: based on the Greek Myth of Hades and Persephone with characters from the Disney Film Hercules. It is one of if not the best Hercules fan fiction out there as it is more accurate to the source material and the amount of research quantum witch put into it is instantly noticeable. She also accompanies each chapter with beautiful line drawings of some of the Hercules Characters (one or two have a few changes).

This picture is based on her drawing 'Ride into darkness' from Chapter six, where Persephone enters the Underworld for the fist time. I loved this drawing the moment I saw it and wanted to colour it since 2004, but never got round to asking quantum if I could. I hope she likes what I've done, it sort of escalated to cover art. Oh well.

Above Hades and Persephone is the text 'Hope Springs Eternal' in Greek writing. Directly beneath them is the foundation of the story, the four greek words for love, each one with a different meaning. Each word represents different kinds of love and indeed stages of love also.

(please correct me if I am wrong so I can change the text in the picture!)

The first one; στοργή translates to storgē which means "affection" in ancient and modern Greek. It is natural affection, like that felt by parents for offspring. Rarely used in ancient works, and then almost exclusively as a descriptor of relationships within the family. It is also known to express mere acceptance or putting up with situations, as in "loving" the tyrant.

The next word or stage is φιλία or Philia, which means friendship or affectionate love in modern Greek. It includes loyalty to friends, family, and community, and requires virtue, equality and familiarity. In ancient texts, philos denoted a general type of love, used for love between family, between friends, a desire or enjoyment of an activity, as well as between lovers.

Next is ἔρως or Eros which is passionate love, with sensual desire and longing. The Modern Greek word "erotas" means "intimate love;" however, eros does not have to be sexual in nature. Eros can be interpreted as a love for someone whom you love more than the philia, love of friendship. It can also apply to dating relationships as well as marriage.

The final word is ἀγάπη or agápē which means "love" (unconditional love) in modern day Greek, such as in the term s'agapo (Σ'αγαπώ), which means "I love you". Agape is used in the biblical passage known as the "love chapter", 1 Corinthians 13, and is described there and throughout the New Testament as sacrificial love. Agape was appropriated by Christians for use to express the unconditional love of God. Before agape love there was no other word to express such great love. I made this word purple, the two colours of Hades and Persephone, which is red, (Persephone) and Blue (Hades) combined.

I also symbolically showed the two combined in the background colours and where their heads meet in the center. The colour of purple represents the connection between these two beings, as well as the boundery between Life and Death which these two dieties have been used to represent. This concept was used by Quantum Witch in the first version of her fan fic which I read when it was shown on a black background, some words between Hades and Persephone were shown in red and blue and the final word was shown in purple.
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