One Bite collaboration? Picture

I wanted to color this pic but it's way above my meager coloring skill. Sess's hair, the fur, etc,... I made a mess out of it.

So I'm putting this up to see if anyone might be interested in a collaboration (yours truly just can't finish it even after hours of fumbling around)

The theme is: "temptation" with traditional roles of dark male and light female. So I decided to spice it up through the coloring and the characters instead. I made Sess way more playful and in all white clothing and made Kagome the strict, rigid nun wearing all dark clothings.

This one is also a mixture of a slew of myths: Adam and Eve, the offering of the apple (temptation and devil in the bible), Greek's mythology of Hades and Persephone where one bite of the underworld fruit will bind Kag forever, and maybe a bit of a wink to Labyrinth with Jareth-esque fur coat and dandy-ness.

The tag line is supposed to be: "One bite, my love, and we'll be together... forever."
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