The Night Zeus Was Born Picture

According to the ancient Greeks...

In the beginning, everything was chaotic and disorderly. Random. All That Was, was a gigantic black void, covering everything in darkness. Everything was there, but nothing was there at all. Then, out of the insane madness and nothingness, Gaea, also known as Mother Earth, was born. She then gave birth to the sky, Uranus, and created the Earth of which we walk upon today.

Uranus and Gaea had many strange children, including strong but ugly one-eyed men called cyclops, and human-like creatures with a million arms. They made the Titans also, the first Gods to walk the Earth. Uranus secretly didn't like all his children, in fact, he hated them. He buried all his cyclonic-offspring into the underworld, as well as other disgusting children he thought to have had.

Eventually Gaea found out, and was outraged. She didn't let Uranus know that she knew, however. She sent her youngest child, a Titan named Cronus, to kill him. Cronus was the youngest of the Titans, but lead them to kill his father anyway. After the war was over, and Uranus was killed, Cronus became the dominant ruler of the world, married his sister Rhea, and took place of his father.

Cronus was terrified that one of his children was going to kill him and take place of his rule, just as he had done to his father, for Cronus was told that he was going to be killed by his offspring, and that was his fate. Cronus's first child was born, and to avoid his fate, Cronus swallowed him whole. Then an other child was born, and Cronus ate him up as well. Rhea was mortified. This process occurred three more times, and when the sixth child was born, Rhea became clever. She gave her husband a rock instead of a baby, and his the real child, Zeus, under some ferns so Nymphs, lesser gods, could raise him. Cronus ate the rock thinking it was his child. Little did he know the real son, Zues, was of course, elsewhere.

Later on Zeus learned of his ancestry and disposed his father of power, in anger, saving his five siblings. To do this, the cyclops aded Zeus with his most prized weapon, the lightning bolt.

Hera, Posiedon, Hades, Hestia, and Demeter were Zeus's siblings. Their father had coughed them up. Zues and his two brothers drew sticks to find out who could be king of the Gods, who could be God of the ocean, and who could be God of the underworld. Hades was chosen for the underworld, Posiedon for the ocean, and Zues for the King. Zeus then married his sister Hera, who became queen of the Gods. Demeter became the Goddess of harvest, and Hestia the Goddess of Hearth and Home.

This picture above displays the moment where Rhea is placing Zeus in the hands of the Nymphs.

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